Exteryo One

The most innovative textile device to connect objects to smartphones


The NFC device completely made of fabric, without welding or conductive loops.


Born from Exteryo's research. It is a patented product. The new construction concept - with no welding and conductive loops - differentiates it from all other NFC TAGs on the market and allows it to withstand physical stress, washing and ironing. Exteryo One resists throughout the life of the garment on which it is applied. It is suitable for use even on extremely soft and flexible surfaces.

Basic information: This product is compatible with NFC Forum type2 / ISO 14443 typeA Standard or ISO 15693

- Ultra flexible and resistant textile structure

- Integrated antenna on the textile support

- Compatible with NFC forum type2

- Usable chip: NXP NTAG210, 1024 bits user memory

- Reading distance: 12 mm (calculated average value)

- Washable and app to iron

- Temperature range from -40 °C to over 85 °C

- Chip composed of 100% ecological material, in line with RoHS Community legislation

- 5 mm of seams edge



Exteryo ONE

Reliable with maximum performance. Suitable for making long lasting products. Customizable and with an extremely flexible structure, Exteryo ONE is suitable for visible applications.



Exteryo ONE-S

Ideal for light clothing. Designed to increase product flexibility, the device has a reduced electronic area. The reading distance of the device is reduced. The outer fabric is customizable and makes the device suitable for a visible application. 


Exteryo ONE-Mini

Small to stay anywhere. It is the smallest model of the ONE family. The fabric element is reduced in size so that it can be applied where necessary. The external fabric can be customized in four colors and makes the device suitable for visible applications.


Exteryo ONE-L

Lightweight, how not to feel it. The "Light" family of the Exteryo ONE device was created to meet the needs of the market that requires extreme product flexibility but also reliability of operation. Thanks to a particular production technology, the Exteryo ONE L device is extremely flexible and soft to the touch. We recommend using it "hidden".

Exteryo ONE-SL

Mini version of the "Light" family. With a size of only 40 x 40 mm it is comfortable where there are limited space requirements but the necessary flexibility.


1) Textile - 2) Electronic Area - 3) Rigid Element