Exteryo ET PRO

The electro-textile electro-textile device on fabric.


The ideal solution for high performance at a low cost


EXTERYO ET-PRO is a patented electro-textile device able to store information and interact with smartphones.Thanks to the stiffening system, EXTERYO ET-PRO is suitable for saving digital contents of fabrics at low costs and in any case withstanding mechanical efforts in washing and ironing.It does not require a battery for operation since it is a passive device. Despite protection core, the support is flexible and customizable.

Washable and app to iron. 

Basic information: This product is compatible with NFC Forum type2 / ISO 14443 typeA Standard

- Flexible and waterproof structure

- Supplied with heat-sealable edge on fabrics (adhesion point 150 ° C)

- Compatible with NFC forum type2

- Used chip: NXP NTAG213 - NXP NTAG215 - NXP NTAG216 - MIFARE 1K SF - ICODE SLIX

- Reading distance: 15 mm (calculated average value)

- Washable and app to iron

- Temperature range from -40 °C to over 85 °C in use

1) Textile - 2) Electronic Area - 3) Rigid Element