Exteryo Digital

The complete support service integrates the digitized products into business and commercial processes

Exteryo considers strategic to simplify the processes related to the digitization of products for the client companies. In addition to providing devices and software platforms, Exteryo offers itself as a development partner for the personalized creation of digital content, software and applications.

Creation of dedicated web content
Realization of all contents related to digitized products, made with professionalism and ensuring a verticality between hardware and software. A success factor that has made the fortune of companies like Apple.
Customized software creation.
Design and implementation of software solutions to optimize business processes related to digitized products.
Cloud services
Exteryo offers a customizable and flexible cloud service for managing digital content connected to devices. An exclusive space where customers will find the reserved digital contents and promotions. Through a web platform you can quickly change the contents accessible only through Exteryo modules. Simplification and service.
"Mate" modular application
The modular App at low costs. Our APP - designed for Android smartphones - overcomes the operating limits of the NFC TAGs. Associated with the "App Smartphone" module, it is possible to integrate company communication with its customers. You can manage multiple smartphone functions using a single TAG. With the link registered on the bracelet, at the first reading you are directed directly to Google Play to download the application. After each bracelet reading the App will open automatically. The App can be graphically customized with the programming of the functions desired by the customer: direct and simplified access to website links, telephone numbers, email addresses, dedicated pages and much more. With the same bracelet, both utility functions (accesses, payments, etc.) and marketing and communication functions can be managed. The "web app" version of Mate with its interactivity allows a better vision of contents and to realize effective direct marketing strategies, for example sending push messages to customers wearing Exteryo wristbands.
App creation for smartphones
Exteryo creates customized and optimized apps based on the specific needs of the customer.