Exteryo Support Design

Optimization of digitization projects

The innovative capabilities of Exteryo - evidenced by the various patents filed - are available to customers to address and solve specific customization needs.

Study and personalization of electronic devices
Exteryo devices can be completely customized. Our R & D department and the production flexibility guaranteed by cutting-edge machinery and qualified partners allow the design and construction of custom versions of our devices.
Design of special supports.

The skills on the processes and on the materials give Exteryo the possibility to design and realize specific supports for the devices and their integration in customers' products (for example PPE - Personal protective equipment).

Supply chain implementation and optimization
Design of solutions able to minimize the impact on the company production chain, reduce the time to enter the market and optimize the costs of digitization.
Graphic design and production
Exteryo is also able to provide graphics and video design services. Exteryo can realize for digitization projects:
- Digital content in graphics or video

- Design of websites or specific web pages

- Design for smartphone applications

- Typography design

- Digital catalogs
Design and production of personalized clothing
Exteryo operates with first-level partners for printing and customizing apparel.
We are able to accompany customers both in the creation of garments with high quality content and in the production of large quantities at highly competitive prices.
Usable technologies:

- Screen printing

- Digital printing

- Flex

- Flock

- Metal sheets

- Strass

- Embroidery

- Curving

- Glitter

- Gold / silver

- Puffed

- Pantone

- Fluo

- Sublimation