Object digitalization and IoT

Exteryo's digitization solutions bring the IoT into everyday life in a simple and extremely effective way. 

Digitize means make common physical objects interactive and everyday use that are transformed into terms of utility and innovation.

 Exteryo OMNICHANNEL platformmanages the interaction between every single object and the web marketing structure.

Generation of unique internet pages for each product / user it's the heart of the system.

The company that uses E X T E R Y O electronic devices, can customize each of its products with a dedicated web page for "talking with the customer", activating loyalty programs and collecting data and information.

In each phase of the customer interaction with the NFC electronic devices of Exteryo will be possible record key data for marketing campaigns and market analysis.

The various information will be provided on a simple and easy to understand online platform.

The platform is owned by E X T E R Y O. Possibility to create customizable graphical interfaces according to customer needs.


Exteryo Omnichannel system compose by:

Exteryo electronic devices

The NFC electronic devices manufactured by Exteryo guarantee reliability even for use on products subject to great stress such as fabrics and clothing; representing substantial progress compared to traditional NFC TAGs. The Internet of Things requires reliability and the constant connection between products and smartphones or computers. Exteryo devices satisfy this requirement and also work after numerous washes, ironing and mechanical efforts, accompanying the product throughout its life cycle.

Explore Exteryo NFC devices

Exteryo Ominichannel: Software platform for manage individual products

Each product has a history and information to tell. Every company has a message to communicate and every customer needs to be loyal and accompanied during the purchase, use and disposal of a product. With this philosophy, the IoT platform was created"Exteryo Omnichannel". A platform based on a web and cloud system that combines a single dedicated internet space to each individual product. The perfect interpretation of the Internet of Things. Through the NFC reader present on almost all the smartphones, the customer will be able to access exclusively to a series of information, promotions, digital contents or e-commerce related to the product.

BigData Dashboard

Through the Exteryo Omnichannel platform dashboard, the company can communicate directly with customers who buy in the physical store. You will get a significant improvement of client "shopping experience".

Instructions and product information will be easily accessible.

It will be possible follow the customer also in the phase following the sale, provide the customer with all the necessary stimuli to increase brand loyalty and encourage a re-purchase of products (possibly from e-commerce).

Finally, through digital marketing activities,it will be possible to receive and organize the data of the customers who buy in the physical store , approaching the analysis capacity of the market that companies today obtain only through online sales systems.